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Freelance writer of plays/short stories/poetry/narrative non-fiction; lover of humor, chocolate, pratfalls, my children and husband (in no particular order..).

PART TEN. Feeling a little freaked out by possible Moderna vaccine reaction?


April 8, I arrived perky early, one might even say excited(!) to the Allen Police Department to get my first Moderna vaccine. It was so entertaining to be at a police station and not be in any trouble, you know? (kidding, mom, husband …I’ll talk to the rest of you later).

One stop shop — don’t even exit your car! Like the Chikfila line. Sure, I got lost briefly on my way there, but that’s almost to be expected. Ask literally anyone who knows me.

Found the line by my assigned time, drove through the I must admit well set…

Women bear the period, tampons, pill, pregnancy, and delivery, but menopause takes the cake. (And cruelly gives us cravings to eat the cake at midnight.)

Dear Menopause,

Fuck you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Not to point fingers, but my temper, remember, is your fucking fault. Okay?

What the fuck, man? Chin hair? Hair on my actual chin that requires actual plucking? When my hands are rage shaking for no discernable reason? Rude. Uncouth. Uncalled for.

I’ve never spoke of this to a soul, except now I guess I’m telling whoever reads this article. With my luck, this is the one that goes viral.

Hint: Don’t be so impatient. The set-up is worth it.


A neon-colored vest with POLICE in white letters over the regular dark security getup. Hands beckon forward authoritatively or held in a STOP! -you’re-not-going-anywhere-yet! position. Rain or shine, snow or wind, in the thick of it, directing school parking, in charge of which SUV goes where, and I imagine — though of course I’m speculating — this part of the job is thankless. Parents driving poorly, distracted by phone, kid, dog, life, and/or take-your-pick-combination.

The mother and the writer in the ring and who will win?

[POST #5 IN MY MEDIUM EXPERIMENT! Last one, so tabulated results and musings soon to follow! If you know, you know. If not, check out my. MEDIUM POST #1 GET MORE FREAKING FOLLOWERS ON MEDUM, Y’ALL! and then you’ll be in the club.]

My identities beat the shit out of each other. Am I a writer or am I a mother? Do I have a color-coded calendar? Have I finished the laundry? Do I know what’s for dinner? Is my ADD so appallingly rampant I’m inhaling FaceBook meaning to stop and can’t? Concocting the perfect articulate answer to a mental…

Memoir meets right to privacy. It’s messy and important.

[**BLOG POST #3 IN MY MEDIUM EXPERIMENT that should really be #4 but who’s counting?]

Bird by Bird” by Anne Lammott contains within its pages one of my all-time favorite quotes:

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” — Anne Lamott

Whether it be a blog post or a memoir, the complication/exception/confusion on the ‘shoulda behaved better’ rule, to me, is writing about one’s children. …

Good for you! And thanks for the recent follow! Don't let the workaday steal your life--you only get one.😊. Instead of spending your time commuting, you can be hustling from home for your next job. How's it working for you so far? Let us know how it's going! Best of luck.

The photo caption was simply “Justice” on the day Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder

Dear Offended Pelotoner — got your mellow harshed from a picture acknowledging a landmark court decision to at long last hold a white police officer accountable for murdering a Black man?

I read your comments, I think I get it:

· I just come here to ride! This is where I come to escape the world!

· C’mon admin, get this nonsense off this page! This page isn’t for politics!

· I thought this was about getting our sweat on!

For those of you who made these kinds of statements, or agreed but knew better than to comment, why so triggered? Time for self-reflection. Because your reaction clearly says more about you than anyone else.

Just a Medium writer finding her readers one little post at a time.

On March 24, I hadn’t written since January 27. My Medium profile needed emergency CPR or at least a little TLC.

The experiment was simple: post once a day for 5 days to see the effect: # of reads, followers, comments, claps, and most importantly, if posting everyday made more people visit my profile in general due to consistency.

Here’s what I said in my first post:

“If I want to get paid for my writing — and I do, I must — I need to find…

Thanks so much for your bravery in posting. YOU have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of❤️

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