Heya, Tom, thank you! This is great practical stuff. Here’s my problem: my richest form of content by far on the daily is my children (16 boy and 10 y.o. Girl). You know that integrity you mentioned? I feel it’s fair game for me to write about other adults. (As Ann LaMott says, and I paraphrase, if people wanted you to write warmly of them, they should have behaved better.) But with children, it’s another ballgame. Just bc I gave birth to them — and honestly morning sickness was hell on wheels with both of them — does not give me the right to write about them without their real permission, which they can’t give at 10. Sure, she may not care now, but when she’s 15, she may feel quite differently; I have a relationship to protect — even if the material is fucking unbelievable! Sigh. What’s a mom with a moral compass to do?

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