I so appreciate your introspection and your honesty. Pregnancy is a wonder-filled, fragile (and for me, anxiety-producing) time. This is your first experience as a mama; you will never consider anything — not anything meaningful — without considering your kid(s). They make everything more simple and more complicated. But they also — for me once they were out in the world — have shined a light on what matters. My kids are 25, 16, and 10.

I am finding at this particular boulder in the road (a place I never imagined our country would be before we were steeped in it) I cannot speak and not act. I can’t just post on FB. I have to examine, at long last, the true existence of white privilege and my own part in it. It’s not enough anymore for me to be appalled and saddened by this administration. I have to take action beyond feeling badly. Part of this is for the world we are giving to our children.

But also we have boundaries beyond which we can no longer look in the mirror and accept who is looking back at us. I’m there. I’ve been on Obama.org today, weighing options. I have ideas on first steps — some organizations to donate to, places to engage with in my community. The realization that I need to listen and hear. I’m trying to decide how and when to involve my kids, and that feels so hard.

But even just beginning steps bring a bit of hope. I’m reminded of a quote by Goethe, “Action has grace, magic, and power in it.” I can tell by what you wrote that you will be a dedicated and sensitive parent. One of the biggest gifts we can give. Take care and best of luck with your pregnancy and beyond.

Freelance writer of plays/short stories/poetry/narrative non-fiction; lover of humor, chocolate, pratfalls, my children and husband (in no particular order..).

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