So interesting! There is a program called Mightier ( for kids to help with anxiety and emotional regulation. It's basically biofeedback through gaming. They have some pretty amazing statistical claims: 60% less emotional outbursts after a month, etc. I have been toying with the idea of getting it for my daughter, who unfortunately takes after her mama and has anxiety, particularly on the uptick in the last year (even before Covid!). She's ten, she's done play therapy, but she's not particularly forthcoming on the talking side of things, so I'm thinking a game that could help her become aware of what is happening in her body might be just the thing. She tends to have fight or flight a lot and by that time, saying "take a deep breath," it's already too late. Thank you for this!

Freelance writer of plays/short stories/poetry/narrative non-fiction; lover of humor, chocolate, pratfalls, my children and husband (in no particular order..).

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