Thank you for the recent follow, btw! And I LOVE this post. i think you are so right--it so resonates that what you put out into the world energetically is what comes back to you. Once that spin begins though, it is easy to confuse the action and the reaction; the cause and effect. It can go sideways fast.

My daughter had a horrible time last year with rejection from peers who had previously been friends. They put the negative energy out there, but my daughter caught it and internalized it, unfortunately. It is only now that she is beginning to understand that while they "started it" she didn't have to "agree" with it--their cruelty was on them, but her accepting of their what I call fancily BULLSHIT about her worth (or lack thereof) was actually on her.

She's only 10, but the world goes fast these days:). "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"--Eleanor Roosevelt, is a favorite quote. But I like to add to this your ideas "Give people the opportunity to rise to your expectations" and "to start with love, not fear."


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